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Yamaha 01v96 semi-nova - Musica, CDs
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Yamaha 01v96 semi-nova

12/17/2016 às 17:48 - Musica, CDs - Lisboa - id: 133080

€ 650.00

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Descrição do anuncio

Yamaha 01v96 digital mixing console, 40 mix channels (32 mono + 4 stereo), 16 anlogue thomann inputs (12x xlr/tr mic/line + 4x tr line), stereo out xlr balanced, monitor out 2x trs balanced, 4x trs omni out balanced, adat i/o, s/pdif i/o coax, 24bit/96khz ad/da converters, usb 2.0 connection for 16x in/out up to 96khz, 8x mix bus, 8x aux thomann bus, vcm dsp effects, rev-x reverb, up to 4 effects simultaneously (24bit/44.1/48khz), 4-band eq + comnpressor and gate on each mono-channel, 100mm motor fader, word clock, midi in/out/thru, daw support, studio manager v2 support, expansion slot, incl. cubase ai6